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Price: 89.99 CAD

AeroSleep Baby Protect is the perfect mattress cover that not only keeps the mattress free from bacteria and allergens, but also protects your baby when he is in the land of Nod. The AeroSleep Mattress Protector consists of an open 3D honeycomb structure, through which air circulates freely. Under this layer of air lie two layers that fully protect the mattress.

Various studies focussing on baby's safety while asleep have revealed two contradictory facts:?The mattress should be air permeable to reduce the risk of suffocation and overheating. But mattresses are a breeding ground for bacteria and are therefore best covered by a mattress protector. But that just cancels out the air-permeable properties of the mattress.

AeroSleep has therefore developed a new concept: a top cover for the mattress which brings together all good properties. It lets air and moisture through to reduce the risk of suffocation and overheating. It absorbs moisture that evaporates fast. It forms a shield against bacteria and allergens in the mattress. By offering a solution for the above-mentioned contradiction, AeroSleep is a revolution in the safety and health of every baby

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